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Asked Questions

  • What is the Oral Oncology Network
    Oral Oncology is a oral surgeon, dentist, head and neck cancer oncologists, ents, radiation doctos network providing independent practice owners with knowledge, resources, and support they could never access alone. Our community of medical professionals and business experts are committed to successful clinical and business outcomes.
  • How much does is cost to join become an Oral Oncology provider?
    The Oral Oncology network doesn’t cost you money, it makes you money – which is why joingin us is an investment, not a cost to your business. Like any good investment, it provides a great return. The Oral Oncology network has multiple investment options. As of September 1, 2020, Oral Oncology has created an option to join our network family with NO UPFRONT INVESTMENT fees! We are incredibly proud to offer this option at a time when private practice owners need it most. All practices need to invest their money into giving their patients the best health care technology. We recognize each business is unique and strive to ensure that every practice selects an investment option that will work for their situation and goals.
  • What do I get exactly for being an Oral Oncology Provider?
    As a Oral Oncology network provider we provide you with a detailed roadmap to take you from where you are today, to where you want to be tomorrow. Along your journey, we provide the tools and support you’ll need to succeed (including, strategic planning, management training, clinical training, proprietary technology, marketing support, vendor discounts, networking, and more!). Most importantly, you maintain control over your business and its future.
  • Can the Oral Oncology Network really help me grow my practice?
    The numbers don’t lie – the average practice grows by over 30% after aligning with the Oral Oncology network. Oral Cancer treatment side affects pervention and dental expertise, marketing support, and a nationally recognized brand are just a few pieces that play a key role in helping you make a bigger impact in your community and helping your patients.
  • Is the Oral Oncology network primarily for small practices or large practices? Struggling practices or thriving practices?
    Becoming an Oral Oncology network provider can assist practices of any shape and size. Many of our providers align with us as a successful multi-million-dollar practice with multiple locations. While our treatment technology have demonstrated the ability to help struggling practices thrive and stand out to get new refferals – the majority of our members are already known as ‘the best practice in town’ before joining the Oral Oncology network. They align because they recognize the business of treating head and nech cancer patients and offering our life changing PBM Laser therapy treatment program. You need to stay on the cutting edge to experience the same success they are used to. When they discover all that our network has to offer – they realize that we are the future of dental and oncology therapy and see us as a pathway to their individual goals.
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